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Blake Farentholds office last year, and then failed to make the results public.The Office of House Employment Counsel operates under the auspices of the House clerks office and advises members on employment practices.A spokesperson for the office declined to say how many sexual harassment complaints or other investigations its handled in recent years, citing attorney-client privilege.It also declined to reveal the firms that it hired or the amount paid to them.

But what happens afterward is murky: The office appears to serve House members and their offices not necessarily the employees and makes no public accounting of its determinations or its expenditures.

I don’t normally use my blog to discuss a personal grievance, but this is a matter that has implications for everyone interested in truth.

There is an epidemic of political censorship going on, especially since Hillary Clinton’s defeat ignited backlash against so-called “fake news.” You Tubers, for example, have been increasingly demonetized or flat-out expelled.

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Fusion christian dating agency