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All these are near the centre, but quite anonymous compared with the newer private hotels.

The price per night varies between 10 euro and 50 euro including breakfast, depending on the comfort and the number of beds in the room. 0230-510 000 or 0744-596 000 This private hotel has two buildings.

In Suceava there are the Bucovina Severin, Continental (Arcaşul), Suceava and Balada hotels right in the centre of the town.

In Câmpulung Moldovenesc can be found the Zimbru and Carpaţi hotels, in Fălticeni the hotel Turist, and in Vatra Dornei the Călimani and Dorna hotels.

The 96 incineration tombs found out at Zvoristea, as well as the archaeological discoveries in Silistea Scheii, Suceava , Bosanci and Dolhestii Mari, prove that Thracian –Geta and Dacian settlements existed there a long time ago.

The lands of Suceava represented the places where Moldavia became an independent and feudal state in the 14th century.

The century-old architecture monuments together with the frescos from this country spot were listed by UNESCO among all the universal art monuments.

Keeper of ancient civilization, where history and legend merge together, Suceava district holds evidences of man’s presence from ancient times.

An ancient occupation in the zone is the making of pottery.Bucovina is known for its folk costumes, furniture, pottery, tapestries and carpets.The craftsmen continue the traditions handed down from generation to generation.It is used for most household objects, as well as building the houses.The different parts of the house are decorated with carvings, such as the pillars of the veranda or the farmyard gate.