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And you have no clue why he is mute as a fish, bites, or screams despite your best determined efforts?

I bet you didn't realize owning a Parrot would be so emotionally involving! If you haven't already noticed, when some of these guys bite, they don't mess around... And not just for you, also for your local angry neighborhood!

And, as we all know, it's a great feeling when you learn a new skill - such as gaining the knowledge to train your own Parrot.

Thank you for your information..." (Josette Bellham, Lowestoft, UK.)"Your training info has helped me a great amount with my parrot ...

My bird now is friendly towards everybody and looks forward to getting out of his cage and onto my hands." (Stella Lam, Danville, Virginia.)"Thank you so much for your training info, it has worked wonders with my parrot, Sam. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about having birds as house pets of any breed. La Platte, Jupiter, Florida) I want to tell you a true story about a good friend of mine, Wayne, who "rescued" a Parrot that showed up mysteriously on his back porch balcony...

The good news is that in virtually every Parrot “situation,” it’s possible to take steps that might dramatically improve behavior.

You just need to understand your little guy, and then act accordingly with training techniques designed to keep him or her as your colorful "best of buds friends" in your home.