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"Happy Kwanzaa Big Daddy," Loretta said in a sweet, downright melodious voice as she rode her man's face.

While astride her man's face, the sexy Ghanaian diva even squeezed out a couple of hot, wet farts for good measure, and Steve inhaled them happily.

"Oh fuck, Steve, you're doing things to me," Loretta whispered, and Steve grinned as he continued munching on her asshole.

Like every son of the African motherland, Steve was fascinated by a big-booty sister, and Loretta Ampofo of Ghana was one of the best.

Instantly Steve hardened, and Loretta giggled happily before getting into the sixty ninth position.

"Lick my ass, bud, and don't stop until I tell you to," Loretta said in that sexy, bossy tone that Steve found so sexy.

24 years sexy African goddess originally from Ghana.

Suddenly filled with inspiration, Loretta stopped what she was doing.

Lying on the carpeted floor of his Barrhaven townhouse, Steve Vincent was as happy as can be.

Outside, the Ontario winter raged in the form of a fierce blizzard, but Steve didn't even notice, nor did he care.

Once they reached the bedroom, Loretta sat on the bed and ordered Steve to kneel before her.

When the Haitian stud hesitated, Loretta grabbed his face for emphasis.