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[email protected] Comrie-Smith Exploration Manager Shaun. [email protected] Richardson Regional Geoscience Director John.

[email protected] Barrie Group general counsel and Company secretary Nick. [email protected] Harting Regional operations director 31.

Hunt Oil Company [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] [email protected] John Thomson Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director [email protected] Watts Deputy Chief Executive (53) Jann.

[email protected] Faroppa Chief Technology Officer BG Group ?? [email protected] Berger Independent Non-Executive Director James. [email protected] James Buckee Non-Executive Director (63) Todd. Hunt Independent Non-Executive Director Exploration Iain. Mc [email protected] Mc Laren Non-Executive Director (58) Simon.

Duncan Vice President – Investor Relations, Secretary Jerzy [email protected] B. MMc [email protected] Mc Carthy Chairman of the Board [email protected] C. [email protected] – Dr Robert Trice CEO & Exploration Director [email protected] Financial Officer – Nicholas Briggs Keith.

David [email protected] Pierce President, Chief Executive Officer, Director [email protected] J.

Mc [email protected] Mc Guiness Non Executive Director J. Hill Executive VP, Director; Worldwide Exploration and Production [email protected] Boubel Senior VP, Global Developments [email protected] Drennen III Senior VP, Global Exploration and New Ventures [email protected] M. [email protected] Menzies Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director Mike. Wilson Company Secretary, Executive Director [email protected]

Shimoon [email protected] Magnan Memet Kont [email protected] Robertson [email protected] M. [email protected] Berget Executive Vice President & Managing Director – BG Advance James. [email protected] Devaney General Manager – Gas & Power 4. [email protected]@John Imle, Chief Executive Officer [email protected] Foley, General Counsel [email protected] Sorbet, Vice President, Nations Petroleum (California) [email protected] Hambrick, Global Information Technology Director [email protected] Pomerene, Senior Geologist 5. [email protected] Gammell Non-Executive Chairman of the Board Alexander. [email protected] Witcomb Project Assistant [email protected] Anadarko Petroleum Corporation [email protected]@James T. Hackett Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer Robert. Daniels Senior Vice President – Worldwide Exploration Charles. Meloy Senior Vice President – Worldwide Operations Al. Al Walker President and Chief Operating Officer David. Bretches Vice President, E&P Services and Minerals Frank. Patterson Vice President, International Explo ation John. Colglazier Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications Mario. Coll, III Vice President, Chief Information Officer Douglas.

[email protected] Chapman Chief Executive, Executive Director Jorn. [email protected] Tanna Executive Vice President and Managing Director – Australian Leon. Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL [email protected] Roy Barry Rushworth Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director Ernest Anthony Myers Finance Director, Executive Director Vesna Petrovic Company Secretary Henry David Kennedy Non-Executive Chairman of the Board 7.

Mac Jensen Senior Vice President – Business Development 13.

Broussard Senior Vice President – Geosciences [email protected]