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He could not stay but remained part of the production.In Season 28, Johnny Reilly, Averey Tressler, and Daisy (Tressler's pet dog) voluntarily moved out of the cast's loft to a hotel after physical violence and continued threats from a fellow castmember.Leah (New Yorker, fashionista and center of attention), Mallory (athletic virgin waiting for true love) and Simon (gay Irish model trying to stay faithful to his boyfriend) share a room, CT (confident bartender) and Adam (Beverly Hills musician) bunk together, while Christina (jet-setting cocktail waitress with a criminal justice degree) shares a room and potentially more with Ace (Southern frat boy who runs three businesses).The City of Light, is also the city of romance as viewers are drawn into the seven roommatesÂ’ dramatic crushes, flirtations, and secret trysts.In Season 29, Ashley Mitchell left during the season after asking her roommates to vote whether they wanted her to stay.Based on her drunken, unstable behavior, many in the house voiced opposition and Ashley did not want to stay if all were not okay with it.In Season 28, Joi Neimeyer left for personal reasons and was replaced by Nia Moore.

There have been nine instances in which an original cast member left the house during production and was replaced by another roommate.

Ryan Leslie of Season 24 was evicted by his roommates due to unstable behavior, the first to have been evicted by the entire rest of the cast since Rainey.

Brandon Kane was evicted from Season 27 after failing a drug test.

During Season 2, David Edwards was asked to leave by his roommates and Irene Berrera-Kearns left because she got married.

Edwards and Berrera-Kearns were replaced by Beth Anthony and Glen Naessens.