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I love the attention, or I wouldn’t be there, or here *laughs*, but initially being in front of the camera took some getting used to. Few male models seem so amazingly content, sorted and happy with their choices. Well, denim is pure lust and I succumb quite easily. but that doesn’t mean I would want to roam the world like The Hulk. I think my style would be: clothes that fit me well and make me look good. I used to be very afraid of studying math in school and hence decided to master it. I blame my mother’s amazing baking talents for this. We wrap up our interview (and I control myself from asking him to empty a jug of water on his amazing torso), pleasantries are exchanged and he is about to leave.

As I sip on my chai, I realize that the liquid in my cup isn’t necessarily the hottest or sweetest thing around (*wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* – get it? Ready for Round 2 and convinced about my ability to not stare, (which I obviously, almost immediately, fail at) I continue: So what does being a model mean to you?

“Well, my elder sister urged me to apply to the Mr.

India 2015 pageant, but I couldn’t participate due to several family-related reasons.

Please note, all these questions are asked staring at my notepad. By Rōmal Lāisram Photography: Andrew Adams Model: Shubham Nagar Styling: Arandeep Sonu Das.

It’s becoming increasingly tougher to ignore this adonis’ charms. If I could foresee the future, I think I’d be in another industry, no? But yes, I have real goals and therefore I’d prefer to say that I will let my actions take me where I am meant to go. Would you like to be Men of India’s Man of the Month? Follow @menofindia tag your pic #menofindia2018 for a chance to be featured in our Magazine!