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When Lithuania again was a free country in the period 1918-1940, there was a small number, often intellectuals, who returned to their homeland.

Towards the end of WWII, when Stalin's Red Army was ab of the out to push Hitler Germany's troops back, there were hundreds of thousands who fled westward to avoid deportation to Siberia and similar abuse.

In 1991 Lithuania's population about 4.7 million, but today's emigration to Western Europe and the United States has resulted in dramatic decrease in population, and there now lives only about 2.9 million in the very country.

Lithuania is thus today a nation spread over many countries around the world, and it requires a lot of prudence and good communication to keep this nation together and to keep Lithuanian language and culture alive all over the world.

“I live in this city with a feeling that it does not belong to me and that I have only come here for a visit – as a human being, a poet and a Lithuanian.

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