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It was there that Ellman found this sentence: “Most untreated sex offenders released from prison go on to commit more offenses—indeed, as many as 80 percent do.” The article did not even pretend to be a scientific study.

It offered no hard data, and its author was neither a scientist nor a professor, but rather a man with a degree in counseling who ran a program for sex offenders in an Oregon prison.

And despite the fact that the data and the science say otherwise, lawyers and politicians continue to invoke this shibboleth to justify their attempts to curtail the rights of people on the sex-offender registry.

Nearly a decade later, Packingham was arrested again, after he posted on Facebook that a traffic ticket he had received had been dismissed.

After serving a sentence of two years probation, he was required to register as a sex offender.

was indicted for having consensual sex with an underage girl he was dating.

The problem is this: The recidivism statistics the court cites are dead wrong as a matter of social scientific fact.

In reality, sex offenders have among the lowest same-crime recidivism rates of any category of offender. These numbers have been subsequently verified in study after study.