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“The Nova Scotia craft beer industry prides itself in being a progressive and tolerant industry and we know that in order to eliminate discrimination in any industry we must do so with a collective effort,” she says.“This motion is designed to organize the industry unanimously behind this very important objective.” In the United States, in April 2017–and quite certainly not in response to anything some Canadian blogger had to say–the Brewers Association likewise issued a statement on its pursuit of diversity and issued a new code of conduct that included specific items related to sexist and offensive marketing.I also spoke with Emily Tipton, part owner of Boxing Rock Brewing and President of CBANS, about the motion passed at their most recent AGM.“Members unanimously endorsed the notion that discrimination in any form has no place in the Nova Scotia craft beer industry,” she says.It remains to be seen who her replacement will be and, as such, it’s unclear whether the de facto figurehead of Ontario’s only organization advocating for small brewers will share Siddall’s interest in making changes related to offensive marketing.

“Let me be clear,” he adds “the reason we preach this is not only because it is the right thing to do, but because women bring a great, dynamic perspective to our business.” For Tipton, the motion seems to be simply an extension of the ethos of the industry in her province.

As first reported here in August, Garnet Pratt Siddall, the then-newly-appointed chair of the Ontario Craft Brewers who spoke candidly with me for my article about sexist beer in the industry, has been terminated as the CEO of Collingwood’s Side Launch Brewing Co.

I’ve also confirmed with the OCB that she has likewise subsequently resigned as the chair and director of that organization.

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