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Before the war they were a largely East Coast-based fad; after Toll House cookies rivaled apple pie as the most popular dessert recipe in the country.”In the postwar years, the chocolate-chip cookie followed the path taken by many American culinary innovations: from homemade to mass-produced, from kitchen counter to factory floor, from fresh to franchised.

In the nineteen-fifties, both Nestlé and Pillsbury began selling refrigerated chocolate-chip-cookie dough in supermarkets.

By 1991, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough replaced Heath Bar Crunch as the company’s bestselling product.

Two decades later, it is still among Ben & Jerry’s favorites.

By the middle of that decade, there were more than twelve hundred cookie stands in business across the country.

The story of Wally (Famous) Amos suggests that there might be something more than a homonymical relationship between “cookie” and “kooky.” A talent agent at William Morris who signed Simon and Garfunkel and represented the Supremes and Dionne Warwick, Amos decided to get into the food business after a high-profile client, Hugh Masekela, dumped him as an agent and another client, an actor, fractured his leg just before shooting a movie that promised to launch his career.

The most frequently reproduced story is that Wakefield unexpectedly ran out of nuts for a regular ice-cream cookie recipe and, in desperation, replaced them with chunks chopped out of a bar of Nestlé bittersweet chocolate.

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Unlike the anonymous inventors of such American staples as the hot dog, the grilled-cheese sandwich, and the milkshake, the creator of the chocolate-chip cookie has always been known to us.

Needless to say, reading about all of this got me hankering for some chocolate-chip cookies.

My mother, who went on to become a pastry chef, often made cookies from scratch during my childhood, but lately, like many Americans, I have come to rely on Pepperidge Farms and Costco to do my baking for me.

Toll House cookies were a common constituent in care packages shipped to American soldiers overseas.

Though chocolate was in short supply domestically because of the war effort, women on the home front were encouraged to use what little they had to bake cookies for “that soldier boy of yours,” as one Nestlé ad put it.