Who is lil boosie dating

Sources close to the production tell TMZ, Boosie's babes -- Walnita, Tracey, Trivia, and Gerlissa -- have been putting together a pilot episode over the last few months while the rapper's been locked behind bars.

Together, they've mothered Boosie's 7 children (aged 4-11).

Later on he also diagnosed with cancer, but again he fought and recovered after surgery.

Now he spends a better life but sure need a permanent life partner that made his life more stable.

Lil Boosie, whose birth name is Torrence Hatch, is a rapper from Baton Rouge, LA. He served a portion of an eight year prison sentence from 2009-2014 for attempting to smuggle drugs behind bars. A jury found Boosie not guilty of first degree murder in 2009. He suffers from diabetes and survived kidney surgery in December 2015 by having half of one of his kidneys surgically removed.

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Because of the statement given by Walnita, Lil had to spend other 18 months in jail just because of her.To find the correct and partner for your life at times come out to be a messy one and Lil had been facing this messiness.We hope that with the arrival of this new girlfriend in his life, he will have smoothness in his personal life.In this piece of writing she has too hinted that Lil is dating someone else and they have parted their ways.She has explained in this book that how you feels when your guy leave you for some other girl.

Who is lil boosie dating