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Hostile humanoid with corrosive effects on nearby matter, utilizing transdimensional space manipulation to capture prey subjects within an area under its absolute control for anomalously extended periods of time.

As before, with the exception that SCP-106' displays greater intelligence, to the point of speaking with research staff and utilizing its dimensional manipulation properties for more effective escape attempts.

Addendum 001.1 - Situational Updates 2/11/2016 GMT — A lot of databases are compromised.

APOLLO62 hosts 001 and will probably be the last to go down in the event of a total collapse.

We will engage in fifteen minutes if we continue to receive no acknowledgment from command. Staff overseeing cephalopod-like SCP objects are instructed to destroy them as soon as feasible.

This message has been transmitted in a Grade B Subconscious Suggestibility modality cognitohazard. The communications network for Site-23 is non-operational at this time. You will be notified when the network is back in working order. 3/11/2016 GMT — I am in the secure control room with Captain Hughes' credentials and a lot of blood on my lab coat.

The presence of an agent causing this phenomena was confirmed in 1953.

Communication was received from SCP-001 by the Foundation in early 1954, demonstrating that SCP-001 possessed sapience and intelligence that was sufficiently analogous to humans to enable a meaningful transfer of information.

Of note, unlike the previous iteration of this anomaly, SCP-087' has been observed to open the doorway to its entrance of its own accord.

Anomalous activity has been documented by the Foundation since its inception in ████, and evidence exists of such activity dating back to the beginnings of recorded history.

However, shortly after the formal establishment of the Foundation, this activity increased sharply, and early statistical models suggested a coordinated actor behind a significant amount of documented anomalies.

The purpose behind SCP-001's manipulation of local reality is not discernible with current information.

No means are now known of interfering directly with SCP-001.