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The third image shows an output when 3 records are added : The fourth image shows the output when any list item is clicked to modify or delete a record : The final image is the output when a record is deleted.

The second image is the result of clicking the menu option from the Action Bar to add a new record as shown below.

The first image is the output seen when the application is launched for the first time.

The below images are the screenshots of the final output of our project.

Companies developing in-house ERP system software conduct a detailed cost benefit study before initiating the ERP software product development process.

Edit Text; public class Modify Country Activity extends Activity implements On Click Listener The CRUD operations performed here are updating and deleting a record.

The former android program has been removed and the the GUI(Graphical User Interface) managers in Visual Studio for Mac and older versions of Xamarin for Visual Studio will no longer work past version Android SDK Tools.

In this application we wish to create records that store Country names and their respective currencies in the form of a List View. The column names for country and currency are “subject” and “description”.

The DBManager classes is where the Database Helper is initialized and the CRUD Operations are defined.

Updating gridview in studio 2016