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I've fucked lots of girls with black boyfriends or who you might call size queens, and for them it was all about my technique and how I made them feel emotionally (being really good at oral doesn't hurt either).

I think it's important for men to get over any insecurities about their penis size and not let that affect their sexual identity.

I've personally found that having a girl finger you while giving you head, for example, is a much more pleasurable form of anal stimulation than getting pounded by a black cock. All porn that isn't straight vanilla sex seeks to harness some kink or fetish and keep the audience trapped there.

On a side note, I think many white and Asian guys are subconsciously insecure about possibly having smaller dicks than black guys. I have a slightly above average dick and am a very capable lover.I don't need to think about black cock at all to turn myself on for sex with women.Third, I'm overcoming an addiction which caused an external force to have some control over my life.Instead of stoking the racial part of my fetish, having him inside me humanized him even more and dispelled any lingering racial aspect or sense of "taboo" in my black cock addiction.The race thing probably plays a much larger sexual role for some others, and I don't think that's a good thing. I discovered as a teenager that male anal stimulation feels amazing when you're masturbating, so I gradually became curious about receiving anal sex.