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Initially, people assumed that the bombings were in retaliation for the earlier explosion that had targeted the southern Dahieh suburb of Beirut, a Shi’i enclave, on Aug. (After that attack, videos circulated online of Sunnis celebrating in Tripoli, passing out candies on the street.) This remains a general assumption.Later, the theory began to emerge that the targets of the Tripoli bombings were two men: Ashraf Rifi (a pro-Syrian opposition Lebanese general and former head of Lebanese Internal Security Forces) and Salim al-Rifa’i (a leading Salafi who had called for jihad against the Syrian army at the beginning of the battle in Qusayr).The Syrian air force has activated assets reserves for a conventional and highly confrontational war.Up until now the Syrian air force has relied on air crafts that, during a war against a well equipped enemy, would not last very long in the sky.NNA – Judge Sakr presses charges against Tripoli explosion suspects: Government commissioner to the Military Tribunal, Judge Sakr Sakr, charged on Friday Sheikh Hashem Minkara and detainees Sheikh Mustafa Ahmad Gharib and Mustafa Houry, of forming an armed group to attack civil and military institutions.Suspects were also charged of creating a terrorist cell and bombing the two mosques in Tripoli.

He and his friend both speak on this video, claiming that they were praying in the mosque when the bomb went off.

Lebanon is currently holding and charging 3 Lebanese men over the incident.

A 4th has been charged (A Syrian who works for the Syrian government), but he is in Syria and Syria won’t hand him over.

Sheikh Gharib and Sheikh Minqara are Sunni Islamist religious leaders in Tripoli with a pro-Syrian regime political alignment.

They belong to the Tawhid political movement (or Islamic Unification Movement), one of the original Islamist movements in Lebanon, started by Sa’id Shaaban and very powerful in Tripoli during the civil war.