Scott clifton and kimberly matula dating

This is why I admire Hope and I hope she stays this way.She is so different and confident with her feelings and yet people seem to ridicule her and think she should give up the whole virginity thing.To me, I think it is possible that we might see Liam leave Hope for her. Both are attractive but belong to two different categories of attractiveness.Hope, due to her mom's sexual background, is still a virgin and wants to wait for marriage to have sex.I know she's not perfect but it is so refreshing to see a girl my age on TV saving herself for marriage. I know there are women out there who don't save themselves for marriage, but there are women who do and I feel like those women are very rarely, if never, represented in the media.Young girls who do plan on saving themselves should be proud of their values but yet they feel outnumbered and think something is wrong with them because they see a bunch of women on TV having sex before marriage and think that's the only choice they have.

She also kisses him, a move that I was expecting, thus proving this further. Going by that, Hope is the more "pure, beautiful" one whereas Steffy is the "sexy" one.

Brooke is her stepmother and the reason why her parents Ridge and Taylor never get together and live happily ever after.

Ridge loves both Brooke and Taylor, but his true love is Brooke.

Normally when I hear something like this being emphasized so much on a soap opera I get nervous because then irony kicks in and something bad happens.

This makes me think that Hope is going to get hurt or betrayed somehow.