Snsd dating scandal

Netizens find more alleged proof that the leaders of the hottest K-Pop groups are an item!

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These couples are not only meant for each other, but their visuals are stunning af! Back in February 2014, news broke out of K-Pop Idol veteran Tae Yeon of Girls’ Generation dating monster rookie group EXO’s Baek Hyun. From Jun Su and Ha Ni to Kai and Krystal, these famously adorable couples will make your heart melt. They are just too hot for words and are wonderful K-Pop couples that seem to be loving every minute of their time together. And the only thing better than a celebrity falling in love is when he or she falls in love with another celebrity.” and G-Dragon soon uploaded a post on Instagram writing in Japanese “I will be in Japan for 3 days starting today.” G-Dragon who is never known to write such long descriptions sparked the curiosity of his fans with a long message written out in Japanese. Same Minds Dress Alike The two were spotted sporting similar coats, but what sparked the curiosity of shippers was Tae Yeon’s patch that said “Love Peace” … “Peace Minus One” is a phrase that is highly correlated with G-Dragon! Under the Moon Light G-Dragon posted a photo that appeared to be him covered in a clutter of small crescent moons.Tae Yeon soon changed her profile description to 8 crescent moons.While it’s mostly gossip, there are certain romance “news” items that, in our heart of hearts, we’re dying to be true.Here’re rumored celebrity couples we *Hope* are real.